Brokerage Services to buy and sell social media accounts.

Social media accounts are digital assets. We offer fair valuation, secure operation and fast swap to buy and sell them.


Our Primary Principles

We operate up to certain principles to be your professional solution partner in the social media account trades.

Our Amazing Features

This is how we make the process of buying and selling a social media account perfect.

Account Verification
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Fraud Detection
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Data Encryption
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Escrow Support
Cloud Storage
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How It Works

You can easily sell your social media account going through a process of three main steps.



Firstly, you make a request to sell your social media account.



Secondly, an account representative contacts you to brief about the process.



Thirdly, the bidden amount of money is swapped with your account.

Meet Youtube Account Verifier

One easy-to-use Chrome Extension. Verify ownership info and important performance metrics of a YouTube channel.

We always keep our ties tight with the ecosystems partners

Social media account owners, social media agencies, partner solution companies, and our hard-working team are backing us.


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What Our Client Say About Us

We are proud to share feedback of the clients who choose us for the social media account trades.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are the answers to the questions asked frequently. We would love to answer any other questions, please chat with us.

  • What is a Social Media Brokerage Service?

    Billions of people are connected to a digital world through the internet and create digital content every day which have a commercial value. Your social media accounts are actually digital /assets/home which are tradable. AcSwap Social Media Brokerage Services includes control, evaluation, and monetization of your social media accounts in a fast, secure and fair manner.

  • Why is my social media account worth?

    Your social media account is a domain in the digital world where you create content and attract other people. Social media platforms make use of this engagement which you generate in order to publish ads and make money. In the case they share the ad revenue with you, your account becomes a tradable asset.

  • Why do I sell my social media account?

    If your social media account is enabled to yield revenue from the relevant social media platform, buyers are interested to acquire your account with instant payment as a long term digital investment. It can be a great opportunity for you to sell your account in order to receive a batch payment. (If your account is not enabled to yield revenue, it still might be buyable, please contact us for more information.)

  • How do I sell my account?

    You fill the form on the AcSwap Website and submit it. After this, your account representative will contact you to schedule a quick call with you. In this call, you will be informed about the overall process, and your account details will be evaluated. Next, you will be delivered a proposal. If you will be willing to sell your account, your account representative will assist you through account swap and money transfer steps.

  • How do I know AcSwap is trustworthy?

    There might be some trust issues when it comes to selling your social media account online. We already took this into account and created AcSwap Chrome Extension to evaluate the details of your social media account without login information is needed. By the use of this extension, we encrypt the data generated from your account and the sale process of your account and store it on cloud safely. Moreover, we only support transactions executed on an escrow service. Hereby your account and the respective amount of money is exchanged at the same time under the surveillance of third party authority without giving any chance for fraud and cheat.

  • What does AcSwap cost to me?

    You will not be asked to pay any handling fees when you use or benefit AcSwap Social Media Brokerage Services. It is completely free of charge for you to ask us to evaluate your social media account and prepare a quotation for you. We are waiting for your application, to help you with the sale of your account under the best conditions.

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